Animal Crossing; New Horizons Review

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console March 20, 2020.  Since  its first launch in April 2001, Animal Crossing has released many games. . However, is New Horizons worth the cost?

The premise of this game is that you come to a deserted island, but you beautify and civilize it, customizing it the way you want. You can place furniture anywhere you want, create or receive clothing, catch bugs and fish, and play online with real people or talk to any NPC (non-player character, A.I) you want. With these options, the game should be fun and easy to play! But is it? 

Unlike the previous animal crossing, New Leaf, it takes longer to start doing anything in the game. For a long period of playing time, it can feel as though you are stuck in a tutorial with extreme limitations. Sure, you can do some things, but without easily attainable furniture, clothes and artifacts, the game is a bit too slow. Even for Animal Crossing. 

In this game, you now need to collect materials to craft anything. You can purchase clothes and furniture by collecting fish, bugs, and plants around the island and selling it. Now, you can also find materials like stone and variations of wood to craft items. 

While it is true that you can go to stores and use in-game currency, it takes time to build those. When the initial part of the game is done, it is more enjoyable. This being said, it is a rather lengthy process.

Collecting these things takes longer and hinders your progress in the game. This helps you build shops and finally exit what feels like a never-ending tutorial. 

While there are some disappointing aspects to New Horizons, there are also more positive aspects of the game. The information you receive about catching fish and bugs is new and accurate, and the look of the animals you find matches the real-life version. This can add to a new learning side of the game, while still being fun.

Tarantulas can now be found around the island at night. Catching and selling them can earn you a rather large sum of bells (currency in the game). 

This game has an obvious difference in graphics. The view is much clearer than in previous designs, with an admiral mix of cartoon and realistic details. The visuals of the bugs and fish you catch are very accurate, and yet remain cartoon-like, along with the furniture and some clothes. 

Placing furniture around the island can be fun; as long as they stay where they are. 

Other people can move and take furniture you placed, which becomes frustrating at times. Without a say in how your objects are treated, unless in your house, this can lead to constant confusion on what happened to your items.

I personally feel that it’s a pain to share an island with people you share your nintendo switch with. If two users on the same console and game pay, they share an island. This means that the other person can take and move your objects outside, which can certainly prove to be an annoyance.Overall, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been an acceptable experience. I felt disappointed about many features but happy about others. As these two intertwined, it truly does make for an O.K. experience.

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