Another Successful Book Fair

WESTGLADES MEDIA CENTER-  As with every school year, another exciting book fair has come and gone, yet no one really knows what benefits this great fundraiser does for the school.

A benefit that book fair provides the school is money to give to the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). When book fair ends, all the profits are given back to Scholastic. In return, Scholastic gives the school a donation of money that the PTO uses. With this money, the PTO is able to buy supplies, books and other items for the school. This year, the money raised from the book fair is going towards securing the school.

In addition to this, parents and teachers alike are thrilled to see their students buying more books at the book fair, encouraging reading. “Our students actually buy more books than toys or posters,” Mrs. Stratos, the Westglades librarian and media specialist, proudly says.

Each year, the PTO sets a goal for book fair sales. This year,  all of the books, posters, and toy sales helped the school get closer to reaching its goal of  $5,000.

Even though the book fair is over for this fall, there will be more opportunities to purchase books with the spring book fair.

Story written by Allison Lam and Alexa Starikov