Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza Review

Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza Review

What do you think about Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza? Do you think it’s good and affordable?  Tasty or disgusting? Well, after a dinner there it is confirmed: Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza is a great restaurant!

While there are some flaws, like any restaurant, but overall the establishment is an amazing place to go.  

People that like it say that their food is delicious and it comes just how they like it.  The service is quick and the waiters are nice.

“I loved it so much because the tomato sauce makes my mouth water and the bread is so amazing. I also believe that the server was so good that I even gave him a $30 tip,” said Tehilla Cohen, a student at Westglades.

This restaurant has 4.4 out of 5 stars on Yelp, but Westglades students disagree. Here at WMS, 53% of people say they like this place and 47% people say they don’t like it.

When we ate there, we found the food to be delicious. The service was also fast although, they were busy . In addition, the atmosphere and cleanliness of the restaurant was both refreshing and comfortable.

All-in-all, we agree with most people that this is a great place to eat, so maybe you should give it a try. See you there!

Story written by Brianna Freeland and Arianna Abril