Barnes and Noble in Coral Springs is Closing

The Barnes and Noble located in The Walk plaza has officially announced that it  has closed down Feb. 22, 2o2o, after 24 years serving the community. The 27,000 sq. ft. store will be split into two stores for renovations. 

This being said, it is unknown what two businesses will fill them. Barnes and Noble claims that they plan on reopening with one half. They hope to close and renovate later in the year, in approximately six months. This however, has not been an official statement. It remains what they claim is being discussed.

Many of the details are not definite. The only fact is they are closing and hope to reopen. The plans for the other half are not announced; not even any possibilities. Vague descriptions have been released by Barnes and Noble, claiming that they plan on ‚Äúdiscussing possibilities‚ÄĚ, though there are no certainties.

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