Be the Heroes of the Next Generation

The American Heart Association has created a challenge for all students around the nation to participate in an active sport or form of exercising to support and raise money for people around the world with heart defects. Westglades Middle School has, for the second year in a row, selected the elective classes to be involved in a kickball fundraiser to help support individuals with heart problems.

WMS chose kickball because it requires an average amount of energy to run around the four bases and catch the ball mid-air. It also helps students relieve stress and gets them outside, with allowing them to get exercise for an amazing cause. To motivate students even more, before going out to run,  students watched a clip of a young boy who was able to get multiple heart surgeries with the money raised by the American Heart Association and the help of students around the nation.

While some students participated for the exercise, others, like WMS student Paul Oliver, participated because this great cause hit close to home. Oliver’s great grandfather had a heart condition; this motivated Oliver to take action in order to make a difference. “Doing the activity would have made my grandfather proud,” stated Oliver bittersweetly.

All of these students had the best intentions for playing the game of kickball and hopefully have helped one life along the way. As the students of WMS now know, even they really can be heart heroes and make a difference. It just takes one person to change the world.

Story written by Ava Jurik