Boys Home Basketball Game

Westglades middle school boys basketball team played against rival Coral Springs Middle team in the WMS gym on November 19th for an ultimate showdown.

“I feel positive about today’s game. I believe that we need to focus, work together, and try our hardest,” said Ayur Patel, WMS player number 13, prior to the game.

The basketball game started off strong and the score was nerve wracking, with both teams being even, until second quarter. The score was 7-14 until CSMS went on a quick streak of nine points scored in a fast two minutes.

The second quarter ended at 9-33, things were not looking well for the WMS boys team. At halftime, the CSMS cheerleading team performed and raised everyone’s spirits for a great second half.

Third quarter was solid and nearly stayed that way for the whole quarter. WMS’ defense held off CSMS very well into the 4th quarter. Sadly this was not enough to beat the team of Coral Springs Middle. The team was disappointed knowing that they could have played better.

“We did not play our best,” said Jason Nicholas, WMS guard. The team has strong hope and belief that they will play much better in future games against CSMS.

The game ended up being 13-48, with WMS taking a devastating loss. The team believes that next time they will do a much better job, and WMS is there to support them to their very best.

Story written by Juan Noguera and Braydon Ferch