Dress Code: Is It Going Too Far?

Ever since 1969, school dress codes have been implemented in schools, and every year it has gotten worse.  Newer, more absurd, and even stricter rules for dress code are creating unexpected side effects and are hurting the kids that the codes are trying to protect.

School dress codes are described as sensible, but when seen at school they can be very restrictive, particularly for girls.  The codes passed down by the county and the way the students and even parents feel differ greatly on what clothes are acceptable.  

For example, shoulders are an anathema and will ‘distract men’, along with shorts above knees.  Many students feel this is ridiculous, and even worse, these rules seem sexist as they seem to only apply to young women.  

“I see how the school applies these rules and it feels very unfair,” said student Emma Robinson, “girls at this school who cannot control their body type ares getting dress coded even though they are wearing the same outfit as flatter, tinier students.”  

Even if all girls were all fairly treated by the dress code, it also leaves out about half of all schools population: boys.  With the strict rules, especially on shorts, male students have leeway on what they can wear without getting in trouble. If rules are going to be implemented, they should be equally applied to all.

Dress codes in idea keep students from dressing inappropriately or “scandalously,” but the codes and ideas of what kids should wear seem to be out of sync with the standards of modern times.  

Don’t you think it’s time dress code is reexamined for the purposes of modernity and equality?

Story written by Janeza Munoz