Emergency Operation Center Field Trip

WESTGLADES- This year, Westglades Middle School students in Ms. Renee Yu’s and Mr. Ian Vogel’s classes were given the opportunity to be a part of the Emergency Operation Center.  This field trip took place Oct. 15, 2018, right around the corner from Halloween, but sadly most of the seventh grade students were not able to go.

Mr. Matthew Bianchi chose Yu’s and Vogel’s first period classes to experience this great field trip.  Vogel, a seventh grade science teacher at WMS, says that he is not sure why they were chosen for this field trip, but were glad to be a part of such a educational and outstanding opportunity.

The main goal of the field trip was for the  students to see what really happens when a disaster strikes Broward County.  During this trip, students got to be part of the emergency management teams, where they were then given realistic scenarios and had to figure out what to do.

“I would gladly do the field trip again if the opportunity was given to me,” stated Vogel. .

Students were very eager for the experience and were passionate about learning about the different career choices available.

Overall, this field trip was a success and is hoped to be brought back into the 2019-2020 school year so that more students can get chance to see what happens when disaster strikes Broward County!

Story written by Samantha Colodny