Family Fun Fest

On Jan. 10-12 the city of Parkland hosted a family-friendly carnival called Family Fun Fest. This for-profit event had rides, booths, and food available to purchase.

The booths were a key attraction to the carnival. The prices for all the booths started at five dollars, which gave you varying amounts of attempts to win. Many of the prizes available at the booths were plushies. However, you could also get a live fish and a few plastic toys.

The prizes had differentiating quality. Larger prizes had a higher quality, and were both cleaner and sturdier than the small prizes. On the other hand, the ones that were more easily attainable were often stained and quite literally handed to you as the seams unravel, though this wasn’t the case for each booth. 

When you earn a prize, it’s a satisfaction easier than having simply bought it alone. While the quality is often admittedly flimsy, they do bring a certain sense of joy.

This being said, there is a certain joy that comes with having earned the prizes that creates a sentiment of your new toy, or fish. Carnival prizes may be lacking in a certain standard of quality, but they sure make it up in the fun or memories.

The food was surprisingly good. The personal expectations were low; however, the food did not disappoint, and actually surpassed expectations. 

The savory flavors mixed surprisingly well with the more sweet ones, with many of the desserts being so.

Though certain diet restrictions caused restraint on trying the meats of the carnival, the funnel cake was exceptional. The powdered sugar on it was like a cherry on top; a rather delicious one too. 

This fair offered unique and various foods that can truly only be found at a local fair. The foods were often savory, and in large portions. These servings are typically best for sharing, or saving over an extended period of time.

The food had a certain “Fair Flare” to it, with a unique taste and look that one could only find at a fair or carnival. 

The prices were decent because you got a fair amount of food for what you paid. The funnel cake was $12, but fed three people.

The  Fun Fest had rides you would typically find in a carnival, including a big Ferris wheel, Fun Slide, Star Flyer, and many more standard traditional rides. 

The Ferris wheel was unique and provided an exciting experience. It permits riders to view the whole festival and park. I would definitely recommend this ride to someone with a group, unless they have a fear of heights.

Parkland’s Family Fun Fest also had live stage performances by local groups on Friday and Saturday throughout the evening and night. A guest who performed on Saturday night was featured on the Ellen Show, America’s Got Talent, and The Today Show.

However, they did not have any special performances on Sunday and I personally felt disappointed.

In the future, added performances on Sunday would attract more visitors and provide better entertainment. 

Overall, the Family Fun Fest was an interesting and entertaining three day experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and is a fun way to bring the community together. The food was palatable, the rides were thrilling, especially the Ferris wheel, and the special live performances drew in crowds of people far and wide. 

In my opinion, the Festival had many pros and cons, but was overall an enjoyable experience and I hope to see this Festival next year.

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