Fashion at Westglades (Winter Edition)

What’s in and what’s out is what people want to know about.

PARKLAND – The fashion at Westglades Middle School needs to be told! This is a brief guide about what brands to wear, what’s trending, and what you never want to wear. This guide also includes the fall edition so have fun reading!

Popular brands

Some brands trending here at this school include Nike, Uggs (boots/slides), Vans, Thrasher, Pink, Hollister, American Eagle, Forever 21, H&M, and Birkenstocks.


Here are some things that are popular and commonly worn around WMS during the fall. Ugg boots/slippers, long sleeve sweaters, baggy sweatshirts, casual long sleeve tops, and ripped jeans.

Not trending this season

Here at WMS many people are very picky about what they wear to school. Some of the things that you should avoid wearing to school are jean shorts (knee length), headbands, and colorful or patterned leggings. We do want to say that while we suggest not wearing the items listed above, there are always certain people who can break fashion rules and still come off looking good.

All-in-all, the The Wolfington Post hopes you learned a lot from this. Hopefully, the next time you go to school you will be a fashionista!

This story was written by Arianna Abril and Danielle Tamim