Fortnite Found To Have Negative Effects On People’s Lives

The video game Fortnite is making people react in violent and radical ways. On Mar. 18, 2019, Cleveland Indians’ Carlos Santana smashed his tv with a baseball bat as a result of losing a round of the game, which also alerted others about the severe cases because of the game.         

Experts say gaming addiction cases have increased over 2019 with, according to, about 90 million cases were caused by Fortnite. 

The game has become so addicting that some primary schools in Australia have also started to ban the game.

Fortnite was launched on July 21, 2017 and requires individuals or teams to complete several violent and complicated tasks to stay alive for as long as possible.  

These violent tasks and complicated rounds are part of the reason people are getting addicted. These addictions are so extreme, that the famous baseball team the Boston Red Sox, have officially banned Fortnite, along with other video games in the locker room according to

Research and information about the dangers of gaming addiction and how fast it is rising is growing.  

According to,“Dr. Gadhia-Smith acknowledges that electronic gaming addiction is on the rise. She says she has worked with numerous families who are experiencing the phenomenon of their sons and daughters being addicted to online video games, particularly Fortnite.” 

The good news is that gaming addiction has recognizable symptoms. Some symptoms of gaming addiction are being irritated when not being able to play a video game, thinking too much about the next session that you will play or getting too angry at a previous session, lying about how much time was spent playing and more. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should go see a specialist. 

Although Fortnite can be addictive, it can still be fun to play in moderation. 

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