Fortnite- the game of 2018

Every year, one game controls the gaming community, and this time around Fortnite has dominated the field.  

Produced by Epic Games and released on July 25th, Fortnite is now an eight billion dollar app showing much promise in the future with fans enjoying and playing it around the world.

Fortnite is a popular combative multiplayer game with the player’s objective being the last one standing.  To help contenders the game has weapons and accessories to help them win, such as gliders and harvesting tools, and even goes so far as to have different ‘skins’ to embellish characters.  

          The world wide game has gotten so well know that gaming competitions have popped up for Fortnite, some getting so serious that the first place prize is up to 100 million dollars.  

Fortnite is a fast growing game that earned the title ‘most played’ on Xbox One, has a plethora of merchandise, and millions of players around the world that love this game, making it truly the game of the year!

Story written by Anjali Mitchell and Dominic Faucher