Fun ideas to fight boredom while stuck at home.

While stuck at home we’re all trying to find ways to fill the day and be productive. Slowly, we are realizing staying active and productive isn’t the easiest thing to achieve when stuck inside. Here are a plethora of ideas to cure boredom and make these quarantine days feel more productive.

First things first, go on a walk or run. This may seem like pointing out the obvious, but sometimes we forget to get some fresh air. This is a great way to stay fit, active and healthy during these difficult times. Of course, make sure you are keeping your distance from others and to not touch anything on your outside adventures. 

Bake a new recipe. We have access to millions of recipes online, so bake a cake or some cookies for your family.

Game night! Gather the whole family and plan some exciting activities. Play cards, Jenga, make an obstacle course and if you’d like, make it a competition. Family nights can be fun with the right motivation (winning).

Get artsy! I’m sure you have some paper, cardboard, crayons or some paint lying around. Go in your backyard, put a tarp or some sort of cover down and start getting creative. You may not be Picasso but just try to have some fun with it.

Have a backyard picnic. Put some snacks in a basket and throw a blanket down in your backyard. Get some friends to do the same thing and hop on a facetime call together. You get some fresh air and some socializing time from the comfort and safety of your backyard.

There are many activities to fill your time during quarantine. As long as you’re social distancing and keeping yourself and others safe, anything goes.    

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