Gamestop stores closing

On Sept. 11 2019, the video game retailer, Gamestop, announced it would be closing 200 of its stores by the end of Jan. 2020 in order to lower rent cost. 

Likely, gamers everywhere will be mourning this loss, and WMS is no exception. 

Of the self-proclaimed gamers at WMS, 68 percent of students said that they would be affected by the closing of Gamestop. 

However, there is some hope that the gaming company isn’t ready to join stores like Blockbuster and Toys R’ Us in brick-and-mortar death. 

According to the statement shared by Gamestop, while some stores are closing, the remaining stores would be restructured. Unfortunately, they didn’t give specifics about the restructuring. 

Even before the decision, Gamestop was struggling to stay in business. In fact, their partner company, ThinkGeek, had already shut down its website in an attempt to shrink the company. 

Digital stores on consoles like Playstation and online retailers such as Amazon, make Gamestop unnecessary for many gamers who would rather order online or purchase games digitally.

As of right now, most of Gamestop’s stores will remain open, but their future is very uncertain.

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