Girls Home Basketball Game

WESTGLADES- Monday, Nov. 19, the strong Westglades Middle School girls basketball team played Coral Springs Middle School for an ultimate showdown, giving it their all and coming together to work as team. Even though the game was not in their favor. The girls gave it their all.

The WMS girls basketball team played a tough game against CMS Even though the team gracefully lost, they made WMS proud.

The first and second quarters of the game did not have much action, but things became much worse during the third quarter.

At the end of the first quarter, the score was 2-1 with CMS in the lead. This close score was short-lived because during second quarter things changed suddenly with the second quarter score at 10-2.

The halftime show was performed by WMS’s hardworking cheerleading team. The crowd was captivated by the performance, and the cheerleaders stunned the crowd with very impressive flips.

Third quarter was when things took a turn for the worse. As the third quarter began, the score was 12-2, but it ended with an astounding 23-2.

The fourth quarter, having as much action as the first quarter, ended with the score at 31-4.
“I think we had to make much quicker decisions. […The] girls did their hardest even though they ended up losing,” stated Mr. Hood,a Language arts and coach of the girls basketball team.  The coach believes in the team and knows they can do better.

Even though it wasn’t the best game, the girls played very hard and everyone is extremely proud of them without a doubt.

Story written by Juan Noguera and Braydon Ferch