How service animals are helping during these times.

While hospitals have shut their doors to visitors due to COVID-19, therapy animal companies are figuring out the best way to help support people and spread joy to hospital patients during the current situation. 

To keep people safe, Canine Assisted Therapy Inc. has begun to conduct online visits through video chats for those who request animal therapy. This is a way all individuals stay safe while still being able to bring positivity to individuals who need it the most.

  When some people think of service animals, they typically think of a cute dog or cat. However, there are  many different service animals such as horses, birds and pigs.

Scotland has taken it to a whole new level with service alpacas. Alpacas are bringing cheer and joy to residents of a care home by visiting through a window.

Service animals are not only helping during this pandemic but pets in general. People are adopting and fostering dogs more than ever. 

Animals bring smiles and entertainment in  stressful times. 

One way you can help is by taking your pet in for training so that they could become a service animal in the future. 

You can also donate to these companies, because right now, volunteering isn’t really an option.

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