Inside with Kravitz and Lerner: Miami Heat are retiring Dwayne Wade’s jersey number on February 22

The Miami Heat retired Dwyane Wade’s jersey at American Airlines Arena with a series of events lasting from Feb. 21 to Feb. 23 to commemorate him after Wade helped elevate the team to three NBA championships.

The Heat announced the date of Wade’s jersey retirement on Jan. 7th as well as the tribute that did occur in the span of three days. The first day, on Feb. 21, was a tribute to Wade’s best moments. On the second day, his jersey went up to the rafters versus a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. And finally on the third day, there was a documentary of him shown at American Airlines Arena.

The tribute to Wade’s best moments were only available to season ticket holders and corporate sponsors. However, the event was streamed live on Fox Sports Live for people who cannot attend the event.

The Cavaliers game was one of the most expensive tickets of the season, with the starting balcony seats costing around $140 and lower level seats costing up to $250

The documentary, called “D. Wade, Life Unexpected” was about Wade’s life in Chicago, his success at his college, his NBA career, and his home life. It is expected to premiere at American Airlines Arena and on ESPN on Feb. 23 at 9 PM.

Wade is a successful retired NBA player who is regarded as one of the best players ever. He spent most of his career with the Heat and led them to 3 finals, as well as winning Finals MVP in 2006 . Not only has he won the title three times in a row, but he has 17 all star appearances, 8 All-NBA team appearances with more 2 All-NBA defensive appearances with 2 Olympics gold medals to add to his storied and amazing legacy.

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