Is the App TIkTok a Distraction For Students?

  Tik Tok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. While it is an app that many students use, it has also become a distraction both in and out of school. 

Tik Tok is a newly viral app that has hooked thousands of teenagers across the country. This app allows users to create 60 second video clips in order  to show personality. People also use Tik Tok to make other people laugh and to spread happiness with music and dancing. 

According to, since Tik Tok came out in Sep. 2016, there are now over 500 million users all over the world in over 40 languages and 154 countries worldwide, with the average user ranging from 11 to 25-years-old. 

While Tik Tok is a popular app, students are spending too much time watching the videos.  This has led some students focusing on the social media app instead of playing sports, spending time with family or doing school work.

    When students spend too much time on Tik Tok, it becomes a distraction from important things that they need to accomplish. The problem is, however, that the app is designed to consume time. 

 According to the New York Family, “Tik Tok is designed to be a time-consuming and distracting app that pulls you in for hours as you watch video after video. Tik Tok can definitely be a distraction from homework, extracurriculars and even social time with friends.”   

In a survey of over 100 Westglades Middle School students, 61% said that Tik Tok is a distraction for them. 

While Tik Tok can be distracting, you can take personal steps to help unhook from social media. 

One thing you can do is set time limits on your phone. This makes it so time on certain apps are limited so you aren’t able to spend an excessive amount of time on social media. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be cut off, but it would make your time spent on social media much less.

TikTok is very popular here at Westglades Middle and around the world. Even though it is a fun app to play around with, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of more important things like studying, after-school activities, and spending time with friends. This applies to all social media platforms and other new technologies. 

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