Kickin’ It with the Westglades Girls Soccer Team

What it takes

Many people at Westglades enjoy it and try out for the girls soccer team, but not many make it.  Only around two percent of Westglades Middle School is a part of the soccer team. It takes plenty of skill, hard work, and dedication to make the team.

“I personally love soccer and the soccer team. Every game we work hard and put 100 percent  effort in. Most importantly, it’s such a fun experience,” explains Alex Sorbara, a player on the team.

What to expect

Though it is a great and fun experience to be on the team, it should be taken seriously because it requires a lot of energy and focus.

Training includes tons of practice during the week and games every four to five days. The girls are required to do many types of drills for speed and stamina.

“We do lots of high speed passing, passing and crossing, four days a week,” Sorbara states.

About the games

The girls have home games in Parkland and travel to other areas for away games. When they have their away games,  they need to be taken out of fifth period to change and prepare for the game. Then, are transported to the location of the field by a school bus.

Diet and health

To keep the girls energy up its always important to have a good breakfast and water to stay hydrated.

“Good, healthy, and filling breakfast. Also lots of protein for lunch and water.” – Rachel Gelch

Some advice

As a player, Sorbara knows what it takes to make the team. “Be very committed,” stated Sorbara. “If you don’t want to put the hard work and effort in, then you will never succeed and this isn’t for you.”

Game record

The WMS Girls Soccer team was undefeated during the regular season and had one loss in the semi-finals against Falcon Cove.

Tryouts for next season

The Girls Soccer Team will be hosting tryouts the second week of the new year.

Although the season is over, the schedule can still hold a lot of information. Reviewing the schedule can help you determine if you can handle the amount of time it takes to join the team.

Last Season’s Schedule

9/6 Game3:30 pmAWAY GAME
9/11 Practice4:15 pmHOME
9/13 Practice4:15 pmHOME
9/18 Game4:15 pmAWAY GAME
9/21 Practice4:15 pmHOME
9/25 Game4:30 pmAWAY
9/27 Game4:15 pmHOME

Story written by Janeza Munoz and Alejandro Trejo