‘Knives Out’ Movie Review

Sep. 27, 2019 the movie Knives Out, starring Ana De Armas, Daniel Craig and Chris Evans was released. It became a worldwide phenomenon, earning nominations at the 77th annual Golden Globes, 73rd British Academy Film Awards, the 92nd Academy Awards and an overall of 86 nominations and 44 wins. The movie itself wasn’t just a mystery movie, it was a dramatic and exciting movie that showcased the sides of both the victim and the suspects.

The film was set in the Thrombey Mansion during Harlan Thrombey’s birthday party, going back and forth between the statements of the suspects afterwards, the ongoing investigation of who murdered  Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) conducted by Detective Blanc (Daniel Graig) and the thoughts and flashbacks of the main character, Marta Cabrera (Ana De Armas).

The movie was directed and written by Rian Johnson and included a star-studded cast. 

The scenery, costume, set design and specific shots, added to the overall mysterious and dark look the movie was trying to give off. 

Editing, photography and direction played a key role in the film as well. Going back and forth between statements, flashbacks, the current situation and what actually happened takes a lot of work and effort, which was greatly appreciated. Even though it was a little slow at the beginning, the film’s ending shocked all of its fans.

Overall, Knives Out was a well written, directed and designed movie with great quality. The eight out of 10 stars on IMDb.com were very well earned. I would definitely recommend watching it, especially if you enjoy  mystery movies. 

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