Kouyou Buffet Review

The Kouyou Buffet is a brand new Asian fusion restaurant that recently opened in Margate which offers a variety of foods ranging from Hibachi specialties, Chinese-American dishes, and Japanese-American dishes. The restaurant adds a new flair to Margate by offering a nice, high-quality, family-friendly buffet to an already extensive list of dining establishments.  

The restaurant’s food quality was admirable, everything was fresh, hot and tasted great. There was a great variety of food options that included alternative dishes for vegans and vegetarians. 

While the food quality was good, the service was sub-par. The waitresses had a hard time understanding what we were asking for and often brought the wrong thing or answered our questions incorrectly.

 The buffet set-up also added to some concerns. There were lamps on top of the sushi which made the sushi slightly warm, and sushi is supposed to be kept at a cold temperature. There were also empty areas in the buffet because they had difficulty keeping up with the demand of some of the more popular foods such as fried rice, sesame chicken, and chow mein. Along with that, some of the food didn’t have signs as to what exactly the food was. 

The labeling also created issues because the salad bar, some of the main dishes and dessert bar didn’t have any signs. This made it challenging to try and understand what you were eating. 

The outside of the restaurant was very pretty and had a pleasing aesthetic. There were string lights over the sign which made it very approachable, but there was a slight issue trying to get in. The parking area was also terrific, and there wasn’t any issue parking. 

The inside had a great atmosphere with good lighting and catchy music playing. The sign of the buffet was misleading and led us to the wrong place. It was confusing finding the buffet because all signs pointed to it being in a certain place when really it was somewhere else. 

The cleanliness of the restaurant was exceptional, no trash or dirt was on the floors and the areas where the food was kept was also very clean. The bathroom, however, was slightly dirty. 

The buffet is family-owned by the You family; this is their first buffet-style restaurant. Based on previous reviews, Kouyou Buffetseems to be doing great. It has a 4.6/5 rating on Google and a 4/5 rate on Yelp. 

Considering that this restaurant opened a little over 2 months ago, the food quality, cleanliness, and atmosphere were great. Personally, the only thing I would change would be the entrance to the restaurant and adding the labeling to the food. But overall, Kouyou Buffet was a great success, and I would recommend going there.

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