New Bagel Place Opening In Parkland

Despite the incredible hardships restaurants have faced with social distancing and shut-down orders, a new bagel restaurant, Family Bagels of Long Island, is now open in the Heron Bay plaza in Parkland, FL. 

 It is a family owned restaurant with two other locations in Florida, one in Cooper City and one in Coconut Creek.

This newly opened bagel enterprise has many options for picky eaters and health-conscious adults too.

“On our menu, Family Bagels offers a wide variety of breakfast and lunch selections, catering options, and healthy options that include light and fat-free salads,” said the owner Neal Schatt and co-owner Steve Corn. 

This new bagel company is located where the old bagel place, Westside Bagels, was once located. Westside Bagels was a part of the community for many years, but it recently closed after the sudden death of the owner. 

The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch with regular breakfast to lunch hours from 6:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. 

This new bagel place is a great addition which gives new, and easy going comfort to the community. 

Family Bagels of Long Island brings fun and a new regular restaurant back to our Parkland bubble. It will be a good place to go on Sundays with family, study for tests with friends, or just a place to go eat some good food. 

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