Restaurants are now Offering Curbside Pickup During Corona Pandemic.

Restaurants are working to overcome setbacks during social distancing by  offering curbside pick up as a protection to both employees and customers.

      Most store hours are being shortened so they can make sure they have enough items for the next day to serve as many people as they can. They are also closing earlier to prevent workers from getting sick, and they have enough time to clean the restaurant.

      Curbside pick up is helping some restaurants stay in business during this controversial time. While not everyone can afford to order out, those who can are able to help support local businesses by ordering from restaurants. 

To show their gratitude, restaurants are giving out plenty of deals to try to help out and stay in business. Some restaurants are giving out coupons, others have redesigned and repriced their menu to reflect this current crisis, while others are donating food to struggling families with children and frontline workers.  

If you can go out and support your local business,  they really need it at these times!

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