The 8th Grade Grad Bash of 2020

On May 1, eighth graders at Westglades Middle School will have the opportunity to attend Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure to celebrate their graduation from WMS. The trip will cost $217.00 for a Park-to-Park ticket, transportation, and meals. 

Although the trip is on May 1, the payment period is still open through Feb 3. According to Mr. O’Neal, only 120 spots are left as of Jan. 22, so all students who are interested in going need to act quickly to grab their spot. The trip includes round trip transportation from WMS to Universal Studios and a meal ticket. 

The students will depart from school Friday at 11:00 a.m. and return to school on Saturday at 4:30 a.m. The parks will be closing at 3:00 p.m. on Friday to make sure that the site is exclusive to the 8th graders at WMS and Coral Springs Middle School. Teachers suggest students bring their own money for food in case the meal ticket isn’t enough for 12 hours of running and rollercoasters.

There will be a dress code for the upcoming trip. Students will be provided with a shirt of their size for the trip. The students must wear their choice of jeans, khakis, jean shorts, or khaki shorts. No short-shorts or basketball shorts will be permitted. 

Students who do not follow the dress code rules, will either not be allowed to go on the trip, or they will have to stay outside of the park with a chaperone for the remainder of the trip.

Student behavior can also be a cause for exclusion from the trip.Students will not be allowed to attend the field trip if  they have 3 or more referrals or an external suspension.

The trip is also non-refundable, so if by any reason you are unable to attend, your $217.00 payment will not be refunded.

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