The Girls Golf Team Finished Third in County

Westglades – This season, the Westglades Middle School girls golf team finished third in the county, working hard to make their way to the top.

The girls had one match against other schools in Broward county, and finished with a close second place. Each girl worked hard with their private coaches, working day and night doing their best to be the best.

They were often encouraged by Coach Bobby, who said, “[d]o your best and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

The girls practiced for perfection until the championships, determined to place county-wide. They practiced at Parkland Golf & Country Club and various other locations on Thursdays. The girls played great and really came together as a team. Since the first practice, their scores skyrocketed tremendously and WMS could not be more proud.

Even though they didn’t win overall, they were inches away from the highest overall score, making this a great season.

Story written by Alysa Dewerff and Anjali Mitchell