Venom Movie Review

“Venom” starring Tom Hardy; a Financial and Audience success, yet Critical Failure.

 Venom is a recent movie that has smashed the box office and taken theatres by storm, but not in the way anyone would think.  The newly established movie about Spiderman’s biggest villain was highly anticipated, but fell short.

Mediocre acting and a messy timeline characterize the movie as a snooze, leaving many disappointed after such a big hype for the release of the movie.  Venom was released on Oct. 5, 2018 and is one of the biggest disappointments of the movie industry this year. The audience review on Rotten Tomatoes, a popular website that rates movies, is an astoundingly high 87 percent, but critics give the movie a much lower score of 29 percent.

Venom’s Audience reviews and Box office revenues are huge, as Venom has already made almost $200 million domestically, and $450 million in all markets (international and national) combined, but that is the only success it can be proud of.

After the first few minutes, the movie came to be so ridiculous that it started to become funny.  It had decent special effects, but was over quickly. Even though the movie poked at interesting topics, it felt too rushed and flew by too fast. Not to mention,  it was toppled over by awkward performances.

One of the big problems with this movie is that Venom was not villainous, but was a full on good guy.  He is not even close to evil on a protagonist spectrum. If this is was what the movie wanted, the producers did not make that point clear enough. If this wasn’t bad enough, Venom’s reasons for being a good guy are razor thin, further deteriorating the movie into a downward spiral of ridiculousness.  

Venom’s — the supposed main villain of the movie —reason to help is because he was a “loser” on his planet, but is powerful on earth. So he decides to help Eddie, the other main character in the movie. If they made Venom more villainous, it would have been a more interesting and dynamic movie.

Despite all of this, Venom’s Audience reviews and box office revenues beg to differ with critics, as Venom has already made almost $200 million. Despite all of its anticipation and money, this movie fails to please.

Story written by Benjamin Laski