Veteran’s Day

The United States celebrated the 100th anniversary of the end of World War l on Nov. 12.

The country celebrates Veterans Day to honor those who have been in war and in the military. This day is very special for many reasons. World War l was very tragic, as it involved a lot of countries spreading hate through themselves and others. Many people lost their lives fighting for what they believed was right.

Now, America does everything they can to honor those who have passed away defending our country. So on Veterans Day, citizens celebrate the day the war ended and we became peaceful with one another.

Of course, World War l is not the only reason we celebrate Veterans Day. There are many people who served and are serving in the military, and it is a day to honor them as well.

On Nov. 11, 2018, people celebrated the 100th anniversary of World War II and thanked veterans  around the world for fighting for the freedom and rights of all citizens. For this remarkable day, Westglades’ Mr. Bremner paid his tribute to the many brave heroes by hosting an assembly in the auditorium to give  praise to those brave men and women and allow students a chance to hear from and thank those who fight for them. t

     One of the questions that was asked several times was, “Why did you join the army?”  Veteran Jason Ramsey was one of the veterans who answered.

“I joined the army to protect freedoms I dearly love, protecting things I want to do and what I want my daughter to be able to do,” said Ramsey.

The army fights for their family, for the people, and for themselves. They’re willing to die for their country. But, what if they didn’t have to die or even get hurt?

Another student asked, “Where does the army see themselves in 100 years?”

Again, Ramsey answered, talking about using more advanced technology. He said that technology like armed drones piloted by a human could allow the army to fight a war and not lose a single person.

The last question asked the veterans what improvements the army could make?

“Technology. Making it to where we could drop a bomb from 10,000 miles away and the bad guy would die, but the person who dropped the bomb would be ok,” said Ramsey.

While the assembly is over, WMS would like to send a special thanks to the following veterans who fought when their countries needed them most, in WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War, and serving in Afghanistan. Thank you to Abraham David, John Remeteria, Harry Salinas, Isabella Walker, Charles Martini, Terry Stern, Anthony Matzkewitz, John Kuchyt, and Jason Ramsey for serving the country.

From a student’s perspective

Nov. 9 during 6th period, we were called to our school auditorium to be greeted by those who fight for us. As we sat down we took a moment to talk to the veterans and hear their stories.  

All of the people honored at this assembly have risked everything for us, fighting in unforgettable wars such as the Korean War, World War I, World War II and other battles for our country. Their presence is a symbol of bravery, courage, and honor.

Being able to attend this assembly, I felt so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to hear from those who sacrificed their lives while continuing to fight for our independence. Speaking for the student body at WMS, we are all also extremely grateful to have gotten the opportunity to speak and interview one of them, Jason Ramsey.

Jason Ramsey was one of those who fought in Afghanistan and was the youngest veteran at the assembly. He said he fought in the war with a burning passion to protect the freedom he and everyone else loves. He continued to talk about the future and his vision for the U.S. Army and Navy in 100 years, “drones”.

Ramsey said that drones are the future of the U.S. Army. He believes it can change the whole idea of war.

“I can shout and fire, drop a bomb that can hit the target, and the target only, all from a seat in my room,” said Ramsey.

He spoke about a time where there would be a war where you wouldn’t have to lose any soldiers and there wouldn’t be any casualties.

As a result of the assembly, I feel more educated and it opened my eyes to what really happened during those times. I was able to imagine the future as technology advances and am glad that I got to see the world through Ramsey’s eyes. While I am grateful for the sacrifices made by the brave men and women, I look forward to a world where nobody has.

Story written by Janeza Munoz, Giuliana Barisone, Alysa DeWerff and Yasmine Hammad