Ways to get volunteer hours.

After leaving  Westglades Middle School, many students attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas. To graduate from MSD and many other high schools in Florida, you need to earn a certain amount of service hours. It’s never too early to start planning for high school community service. 

Graduating from MSD requires students to have a minimum of 40 service hours. It’s important to make sure you have some interest in what you are doing.

It’s good to start brainstorming and create a list of ideas of ways you can volunteer and get the hours you need. Here are some ideas to get your list started.

If you enjoy animals and helping them find homes, you can help out at an animal shelter. There are many different animal shelters in Florida such as The Florida Humane Society. This is a very rewarding way to get hours.

Another rewarding way to get service hours is to volunteer at a food pantry,you get the hours you need, and also help these organizations feed millions of people. Feeding South Florida is a great organization to volunteer for.

Volunteering for a community event or festival is another way of getting hours,as long as the student is not getting paid for their service and the event is non-profit.

Students can also gain hours by being a staff member for camps. 

As long as the student is not making money and the organization or service they are doing is non-profit, it should count toward the students 40 service hours. Make sure to talk to your guidance counselor about your service hours and the way you are gaining them.  

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