Westglades Middle School Boys’ Basketball

WESTGLADES – The Westglades Middle School (WMS) boys basketball team suffered a loss, but had a great game against Forest Glen Middle (FGM) Oct. 23. Dorsey Miller the forward on the team had been on top of the ball in the second half of the game. It was an very close game for WMS, they only lost by just one point.

Going into the first quarter, the boys had a nice defense, and the offense was fine too. They weren’t making their shots, but they played to the best of their ability. Sooner or later, about three minutes into the first quarter, the WMS boys were catching up a bit and their offence started to tighten up more, which is a great thing to do.

In the second quarter, the team made a great effort, and the WMS team was able to make a few shots. Miller, the forward, made a deep three pointer from the left side of the court.  At half time, the score was 32-19 with FGM in the lead, and by the time the game hit fourth quarter, the team was starting to catch up with a few three pointers. Joshua Donatien, the center player, made multiple rebounds, and the boy’s offense started to tighten up. By that time, the boys have caught up by just four points. The boys on both teams were feeling all the heat going between their fingers, and all the pressure catching up to them.

Although the WMS basketball team lost, they closed the gap considerably. As Donatien said, they  “played hard [and] fought tough.” Some boys from FGM says they played “ok”, and they say they “could have done better”, and “see you at the championships”

A hopeful Coach Grissette said it best when he stated, “[w]e worked hard and have more practice to do.”

Story written by Jha’neva Francis and Ana Vieira