Winter Read 2020

Westglades Middle School students that love reading now have the opportunity to compete in the #WinterRead2020 competition by logging reading activity on Beanstack. . 

   Students that are not very fond of reading may find competition in school to be fun or entertaining. The website the #WinterRead2020 is being held is Beanstack. Winners have the chance to earn money and  other fun prizes to kids that log the minimum. Money may be given to the winning person in the victorious school. Another fun aspect of the #WinterRead2020 is the fact that you can compete with other schools. 

    There are 12 stamps available to the students of each school. This, of course, is the bare minimum amount, as overachievers can go above and beyond. Any category of book is allowed to compete for the beneficial stamps. This allows all sorts of readers to be drawn into the event. Teachers and students alike love the new website and challenge. Some teachers go as far as recommending it for their own students. 

Jennifer Stratos, one of the important figures in the #WinterRead2020 competition as WMS’ Media Center Specialist, said “If you read Green Eggs and Ham to your younger brother or sister tonight or someone you babysit you can log that book as something you read.”- Jennifer Stratos.

Beanstack, is a public school program and application on Clever which allows openly read and freely track books. It is through the Beanstack app that students log books for the #WinterRead2020. Beanstack is interactive and fun for all age groups.

Overall, the #WinterRead2020 is an amazing tournament that allows you to compete with many schools. ,Beanstack is a cool new website that supports this cool program. The #WinterRead2020 challenge is great for people of all age groups, so it is recommended for students to try out. Have fun reading!

UPDATE: At the end of #WinterRead2020, Westglades students had logged 3,382 books for the month of Jan. 

Although the #WinterRead2020 Challenge is over, you can still log books through Beanstack. All books logged in Beanstack will be counted towards the Read Across Broward program. 

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