Wishtree Book Review

Wishtree is a book written by Katherine Applegate and published by Fieweland Friends. This book is about a wishtree. This is a special tree that people give wishes to in hopes that they will come true. Throughout the story, a tree gives it’s  perspective and thoughts about the surrounding world with the thoughtful wise way that only a tree could tell.

The book Wishtree is easy to read, and a great story for when you want to read a relaxing and well-written book. Wishtree is told from the perspective of a tree. This tree has been adorned with strips of cloth, paper, really, anything on hand with hopes and wishes that people have written on them. A “wishtree” is an old belief that if you write down your wishes on a piece of something that has value to you, and add it to the tree, it will come true. This old tree shares it’s point of view through a long life as people and animals grow and change, forever watching but unable to take action.

This tree went through a lot, in the hundred years it’s been alive. It started as a tree in undeveloped land, but as time passed, more and more was built. This tree watched as it’s friends- both human and animal- aged and had their lives changed as the tree stayed the same. Many generations of people have moved in and out of houses. Wishtree portrays nature and people in a new light that will make you more appreciative of the tree in your lawn. 

While the wishtree, named Red, takes root in a diverse community, things become tense when Samar arrives. Samar is the daughter of a Muslim family who recently moved into the neighborhood. In the book, Samar faces criticism from some of the neighbors in the community. Things get particularly rough when people throw eggs at her home, and carve the word “leave” on Red because they know Samar resides with Red and it’s inhabitants often.

While the beginning of the book is harsh and cruel, it slowly becomes evident that more people are kinder than not. Slowly, Samar makes more friends and is accepted in her school. The community unites with Samar and her family, as they all help Samar prevent Red from being cut down. As their friendship builds, Samar is more content and happy in her new surroundings.

This beautiful story ends with the reader touched, as the community plasters the words “stay” on Red, the wise wishtree.

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